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Welcome to PMOpedia, a knowledge base hosted by The PMO Leader Community. The PMOpedia is a global knowledge base for the entire PMO community.

Consult the User's Guide or watch this video for information on using the wiki software. This main page gives some information on the PMOpedia itself and introduces some of the many topics listed. Suggestions for this main page can be submitted to the administration team.

The PMOpedia is a Wiki style site aimed at the PMO community to share insights and knowledge. It is open for all in the profession to add and discuss PMO related content. You will find articles on all aspect of the profession, including PMO professionals, methods, associations, certifications, companies and much more. This Wiki is encouraging the community to participate and contribute. It is completely free of charge and open to everyone.

Getting started

Read all about contributing to this PMOpedia in the article: How to become a contributor to PMOpedia. Bear in mind that contributing is voluntary and free of charge. You can only edit pages (except for this Main Page) after you have logged in. We have a special "sandbox" page for you to experiment and get acquainted with the system.

Key Terms

PMO Professionals

PMO Associations and Industry Groups

PMO Consulting Firms

Project Management Associations and Industry Groups

PMO & Project Management Certifications

PMO and Project Management Speakers

Project Management Coaches

Project Management Technology/Software

Noteworthy events in PMO