Ruth Pearce

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Ruth Pearce is Project Manager Burnout Coach - PMBoC - supporting burnout prevention & recovery

Ranked a top 10 thought leader in 2021 in mental health & the future of work, & a top 25 thought leader in project management (Thinkers360) Ruth's passion is to uncover individual & team strengths to make the workplace a better place to be! A guest on NBC talking about mental health & coaching, Ruth has first hand experience as well as the backing of science to share in her work.

Now a writer, speaker, a group coach & a certified coach trainer, Ruth shares the tools to help bring teams together & achieve greater project success. She brings bravery, curiosity, fairness, appreciation, and gratitude to all that she does.

Her motto is Be Hopeful, Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Curious!

Ruth Pearce never imagined growing up to be a project manager. Like many others, Ruth stumbled into project management by accident. On an overseas assignment, the project manager on her team had to return home unexpectedly. Rather than bring someone new to the client, Ruth was asked to leverage her familiarity and established relationship with the client, her knowledge of the project and her general ability to organize things to take on the role of the project manager.