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Asya Watkins
Asya Watkins

Asya Watkins, MBA, 6σGB, PMP® is the Founder, Women Of Project Management -The only community dedicated to supporting & amplifying the voices of women & women of color in every specialty of the project management industry worldwide.

Featured in Forbes for International Women’s Day as a leading voice in the project management profession, Asya is an internationally-recognized authority in her field. She has served as keynote speaker for the Project Management Institute (PMI) in Beijing, and other top-tier organizations and leadership conferences around the world. She can also be heard lending her voice and expertise to various podcasts, including the PMI - Project Management Institute Podcast, Projectified™ and her very own podcast —Women Of Project Management®. Among many things, she is a wife, mother, friend and mentor, and her dreams of creating a lasting impact for women like her only continues to grow with her success.

Speaking Topics

  • Retain & Sustain:
  • Building Communities That Last
  • The Setback Staircase:
  • Turning “Failures” Into Career Opportunities
  • No-B.S. Corporate Allyship:
  • How To Celebrate And Advocate for A Diverse Team

How Can I Support Your Next Speaking Event?

Known to speak candidly from the heart, I am an effective storyteller, who uses my own journey to teach and inspire. Whether it’s talks on Retaining & Sustaining Teams, sharing my talk on the Setback Staircase on how I tuned my “failures” into some of the best career opportunities of my career, or my talk on How to Celebrate and Advocate for a Diverse Team, I bring vision and wisdom to every conversation to bring women together in the name of community and progression.