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Meisterplan is a people-centric portfolio management and capacity planning solution that enables organizations to execute with confidence. Their highly visual software solution facilitates portfolio-level decision-making on priorities, allocations, timing, and capacities, creating unparalleled visibility and alignment. Their solution is one of the quickest to implement, easiest to use, and can scale with your business.

Key benefits of using Meisterplan

Confidently execute on your project portfolio. Our solution puts all relevant decision criteria into a single, interactive view so that all stakeholders can participate in the decision-making process. With Meisterplan, make portfolio-level decisions on priorities, allocations, timing, and capacities with our superior visualizations and reporting functionality.

Their solution puts people at the center of the portfolio and allows users to make informed decisions based on resource availability. Quickly spot and resolve resource bottlenecks, tactically plan work across teams based on available capacity and match skills to project demands. Visualize your entire staffing situation and create alignment across the organization.

Portfolio Designer

Get a real-time overview of your project portfolio in an interactive view.

Capacity Planning

Find the right employees for your projects and see at a glance who is overloaded and who still has free capacity

Strategic PPM Toolbox

Build a Lean PMO with our complete PPM toolbox comprised of a powerful software and a lean framework