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TM Platform is the Project Portfolio Management software that aligns your projects to the business strategy. Team members will learn how to use the fully-featured project and work management tools within a day, providing portfolio managers with access to the metrics that matter. Configuration, training, and deployment can be seamlessly achieved within two weeks. ITM Platform helps companies decide the most efficient project portfolio selection based on their goals. This is just one of the many features that allows ITM Platform to help your PMO achieve results.

Feature Comparison Table

Access thier PPM comparison template to check out all of the features available in ITM Platform. You can rate and compare these to other PPM tools in order to make your own assessment of which software is right for you.

Feature Categories

  1. Waterfall, Agile, Hybrid
  2. Program, Portfolio Management
  3. Risks and Issues
  4. Resource Management
  5. Professional Services Automation
  6. Cost and Revenue Management
  7. Open API and Connectors

Is it suitable for Profesional Services companies?

ITM Platform provides all features related to cost and revenue management. This includes time and materials, fixed price, and all revenue recognition methods. While we offer task tracking and time management in suite, our product provides higher impact for those PMOs managing projects at the portfolio level and looking to achieve strategic business impact.

Do we need consultancy services to configure ITM Platform?

ITM Platform comes with a set of templates that allows an immediate deployment. Typically, customization, training, and full deployment can be achieved within two weeks. If required, we also provide an implementation service to guarantee you make the most out of the features available.

What costs are there other than the license price?

The license price includes support, unlimited document storage, and unlimited API consumption. There are no additional hidden costs. Initial training will depend on your needs, starting at $490 for a four-hour training pack.