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The House of PMO is a professional membership organisation for those working in PMOs today. Initially set up in 2013 and called PMO Flashmob, we transitioned to the House of PMO in 2021.

The House of PMO’s vision is to become the professional body for all PMO professionals globally. Becoming a member of a professional body not only demonstrates your own commitment to your profession; it’s also seen as a requirement by organisations looking to attract the right talent to their organisation. They are constantly providing opportunities for PMO professionals to learn about the latest. Specifically through the annual conference, weekly events and monthly meetups; new research and reports; hosting the conversation and curating what’s important in new PMO knowledge and skills.

The House of PMO brings both formal training options and opportunities to meet other PMO professionals through the annual conference, regular webinars and meetups. They’re also focused on publishing new works and carrying out studies and research. In February 2021 the PMO Competency Framework was launched launched.

The House of PMO is co-founded by Lindsay Scott and Eileen Roden.