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AIPMO is the Association of International Project Management Officers, an association representing International Project Management Officers (IPMO), including portfolio, program, and project managers and their team members involved in defining, establishing, and running high-performing project management offices (PMOs) in and across industry sectors.

It is the leading PMO Certification Authority, recognized for its pioneering standard approach driven by research. In contrast to most organizations that adopt a lagging standard approach, we prioritize innovation and continuous improvement.

AIPMO’s Vision is to identify and put into place the building blocks for “PMO management” to become a recognized international profession.

AIPMO’s Mission is to advance the theory, design, and implementation of high-performing collaborative PMOs to empower PMO professionals to create a sustainable and measurable organizational impact.

AIPMO’s Strategy is to build and evolve AIPMO’s frameworks, models, methods, artifacts and practices through research, development, and partnering in parallel to determining and establishing the building blocks in creating PMO management as a profession.

AIPMO’s certifications are based on frameworks for structure and content. The content is from both research findings in PMO/Project management and expert knowledge from international practitioners. AIPMO is using a “leading standard” concept, including PMO Body of Knowledge, which has been tested, implemented, and improved over a three-year period. So, we know it works well across all industries and organizations.

AIPMO has three categories of certifications:

1.      PMO Core certifications

PMO Core certifications include the AIPMO’s Foundation (IPMO-F®) certification for PMO and project team members, the AIPMO’s Practitioner (IPMO-P®) certification for PMO managers and project managers, and the AIPMO’s Expert (IPMO-E®) certification for PMO directors, experts, and consultants.

2.      Master Class certifications

Master class certification courses extend the knowledge of the PMO Core certifications and Specialist courses, so you become one of a few elite PMO Master Class professionals. Being a master will not only help you implement the AIPMO frameworks, concepts, and methods, it will help you extend your lead to becoming a PMO Director or equivalent. The content of these courses is also applicable to the project and operational world; therefore, it is an important personal asset throughout your career. Master class certification courses are as follows: MA-IPMO (Methods & Artifacts), SC-IPMO (Services & Capabilities), CF-IPMO (Consulting Frameworks), and BC-IPMO (Business Case).

3.      Specialist certifications

Specialist certifications are for anyone involved in project and/or operation environments. The people working in the organizational functions also need to understand these topics and underlying techniques to carry out their day-to-day job. This is why this category is not denoted by the word “PMO.” PMOs offer a variety of services, where each one requires an in-depth understanding of the topic. The same is true for portfolio, program, and project management in general.

AIPMO also offers PhD in Strategy, Project Leadership, and PMO Management in partnership with  Alma Mater Europaea ECM. This unique program uses the top professors in the world in the project management area and other members of the AIPMO Advisory Board to be available to be assigned as supervisors.

AIPMO has a blog section on its website which will provide you valuable insights spanning various areas, including project management, PMOs, leadership, and beyond.

Our focus remains on boosting knowledge exchange by providing an abundance of content to elevate your expertise. Anticipate in-depth explorations of emerging methodologies, success stories, leadership strategies, and engaging discussions that aim to enhance your skills and broaden your professional outlook.