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Founded in 1965 and registered in Switzerland, International Project Management Association (IPMA) is the World's first global project management professional organization. IPMA is an international federation of more than 70 national project management associations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

IPMA’s Vision

Promoting competence throughout society to enable a world in which all projects succeed.

IPMA’s Mission

  • Facilitate co-creation and leverage the diversity of our global network into benefits for the profession, economy, society and environment
  • Offer know-how, products and services to the benefit of individuals, projects and organisations across public, private and community sectors
  • Maximise the synergy in our global network to help all member associations develop according to their needs
  • Promote the recognition of project management and engage stakeholders around the world in advancing the discipline

Summary and outlook

  • IPMA is leading the evolution of the project management profession and the maturity of its practice
  • We form a unique global network that thinks globally and acts regionally as well as locally
  • Advanced, competence-based certification underpins a unique service portfolio offered through its network
  • We recognise, respect and build on diversity as the foundation for our global network
  • We actively seek alliances with those having complementary visions
  • IPMA is your partner for knowledge, competence and performance in project management

IPMA Governance consists of a Council of Delegates, an Executive Board, Executive Director and several Management Boards, working and project groups and a Secretariat. The Council and Board Members are from all over the world and reflect the Global nature of IPMA.

IPMA is member-driven, and volunteer-staffed. Aside from contracts for our Secretariat and the guidance of a Professional Manager, all boards and Member Associations are filled with practicing project or Program Managers. With a geographically-distributed organization, we collaborate on an ongoing basis, and hold board and council meetings regularly around the World. The governing philosophy of IPMA is to achieve agreement through effective communication and by consensus; and to avoid yes/no voting procedures as often as possible.